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So what are you saying?

It’s weird, I know. My book is available on Kindle– thanks to my dear friend and erstwhile editor, publicist, marketing strategist, and expert in all things “e-” (see why I need him)  who did all the formatting.  So why then do I have the link up titled Resisting the Kindle?   Well, I have some old friends and many new ones who read most everything that way. They love it!   They love having many books accessible at any time (they couldn’t take that many on the plane. train, or automobile etc). They like skipping from one book to another, or one chapter to another and that’s great, good, fine.  I don’t want to change a dyed-in-the-wool IT user to a Luddite, (or… honestly do I?) I just want those independents and voters in the swing states to consider the cons as well as the pros of not reading “‘real” books. 

In an excellent, very entertaining and prescient essay in the New York Times Book Review in 1984 (oooH) entitled   Is It O.K. To Be a Luddite ? , novelist, Thomas Pynchon, writes:

If there were such a genre as the Luddite novel, this one (Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein), warning of what can happen when technology, and those who practice it, get out of hand, would be the first and among the best.

So I guess, by that definition of a non-existent genre,  A Parliament of Monsters is a Luddite novel. Thus the idea of it as an e-book screams to me of selling out to those who would threaten the very existence of  real (notice I have dropped the quotation marks. I’m getting bolder!) books! I should be like Ned Lud in his infamous and legendary “smashing of the knitting frames” and make a concerted effort to throw to the ground every Kindle I see!  Of course, I wouldn’t do that to you, my friend.  Instead, I have that option for sale on this very website.  See? Making everyone happy is so much less exciting!

Poetry Page

I’ve published some of my poems on the new Poetry page. Check it out if you like!Most of these are older…the newer stuff is still  in notebooks. Will try to get them typed up.